About Us


Sweet Blues Northwest was started by Ron Beatteay in 2009 as a project of Pixations.com, and has been developed to support live music in the Pacific Northwest, both the bands, and the venues who host them.  We can also produce and host a website for your band with photography, audio and video support.

Though the costs have been significant, most of our shoots in 2009 were done at no charge to the bands and artists, and are what I consider "demo footage", and part of our work to establish a presence in the local music scene. There is so much in the music itself that merits its being made freely available for your listening pleasure.  So much would not have been done in 2009, by myself and our crew, without a deep love for the art of music.
However, to continue promoting local music through producing quality audio and video and then producing DVDs and streaming online, I have established a price sheet for our videography & audio services.  


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