The Sweet Blues Northwest Artists Group

Member's Area Intro


Sweet Blues Northwest has produced music videos for over 60 bands in the Seattle, Tacoma area since 2008.  Mostly Blues, Acoustic & Gospel, but we are expanding to other fine genres.
This "Member's Area" is being established to continue to promote live music by assisting artists, bands and live music venues in the Booking & Promotions arena. The idea is to provide an online catalog and resource for Club Owners & Artists to meet, and more live music can be booked into venues, be it soloists, duos & trios or full bands, we want to make it easier for good venues, good fans & good artists to find each other.  Events booked through Sweet Blues Northwest will be featured on our website and in other social media outlets, such and Facebook & Twitter.  In rooms that we book we will invite artists & bands to perform on a rotating basis to give music fans a variety of live music experiences,  or we will provide and promote a band that a venue chooses to host on a particular date.  Registration is $50.00 annually, and this will include a link and page in our navigation structure that venues can use to review band bios, photos, videos  & audio and other media ( if available ) to help promote your music. If you need updated photos, audio or music videos we can help you with that too.