Price Sheet 



Live Music Videos

2 Hour-long Sets of music: $525.00

  • up to 5 Cameras, two operators
  • Edited Video with title & credits
  • Up to 16 channels of multi-tracked Audio
  •  Your selected finished music videos uploaded to Youtube for your promotions.|

  • Production of marketable live audio CDs, optional.

  • Production of marketable video DVDs, optional.

  • This price includes all the post processing and editing time required.

  • Negotiated payment plans are considered.  

     Anything outside this 2 hour package,, ( more or less) call Ron to discuss your needs.  (425) 444~5267


    If you want and need great results, give us a call.

  For more information and to discuss venues, video and audio in general,,  or if you need a website for your band,,  contact Ron or Arlette.

   (425) 444 ~ 5267




Stage Lighting  ---  complimentary, and as needed


Extra Camera Operator---  $125.00  


Note about online video hosting

All video produced through this price plan includes embedded promotional video streaming of select videos online for your website.


♫ Note about Extra Camera Operators


Extra camera operators always improve the quality of the shoot by providing more roving footage, panning & close-ups and more choice options in the editing process.  


    A $200.00 deposit reserves your date.