We love good music, and we believe it shows.  Good promotional audio & video is always worth the investment
for aspiring artists, and the venues who host them.  We are in the business if creating treasures that will
last. We are also pleased to include audio recording, via 16 channel simultaneous recording of the vocals
and instruments on stage for later mix down & mastering.  With multiple cameras, stage lighting and
sound, many musicians have been pleased with the services we offer.   Our photo shoots put to audio into
a slideshow have also been popular.


   Also if you need a website for your band with great content & hosting,, we are well equipped to help you

there too.  From installation to keeping things up to date. 

   Just call or email us if you have any questions and need more information.  (See below)  


  For more information contact:

  Cell (425) 444 ~ 5267



Cee Cee James ~ Blood Red Blues

The Wired Band ~ Still Ain't Got The Blues
2012 IBC Winners